The Aequalitas Project is a nonprofit organization serving as an incubator for new progressive programs that show great potential.  The Aequalitas Project focuses on the ideas which show long-term promise and are in the early stages of development.

The Aequalitas Project's "incubator" approach is based on business incubators and utilizes resources provided by the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA).  This approach allows for the ideas to develop before committing to a long-term structure.  Generally the development process allows for ideas to:

  • Develop a model
  • Establish donor relationships
  • Achieve some initial successes

As a result of this development process, some ideas will be integrated into an existing organization - either as a new program or enhancement to a similar program.  Other ideas will develop into their own organization and have a solid start.  Regardless of the outcome, the development process is designed to ensure that innovative ideas have a sustainable future.

After ten years working as an advocate and nonprofit executive on local, state and national levels - founder Gregory Varnum developed the concept for The Aequalitas Project in response to a growing frustration with seeing great ideas snuffed out after false starts.  Some failed because of funding conflicts within organizations where the idea was a logical fit.  Others could not overcome the initial hurdles to get an organization off the ground to house their idea.

By serving as an incubator and focusing on a limited number of projects at one time - with an intentional goal of "spinning" each program off once developed - The Aequalitas Project is uniquely designed to ensure that great ideas not only have a chance - but thrive.  While The Aequalitas Project is in its infancy, we hope that you see the potential this approach offers and consider getting involved today.