In all decisions that The Aequalitas Project makes and in all our work, we do our best to adhere to and respect these principles:

  • We owe it to those that follow us to leave the world a better place than we found it
  • Young people have a fundamental right to have their voices heard
  • Education is key to advancing equality
  • We owe young people a greater role than they currently have in government
  • Efficiency and effectiveness can be measured at several levels
  • Technology can sometimes, but not always, be used to increase the exposure, efficiency and effectiveness of a program
  • Advances achieved through compromise and incremental change are steps towards victory - not defeat
  • Diversity means more than tokenism
  • Being supportive of green and union practices is an affordable responsibility
  • Appropriate transparency is a responsibility of all nonprofits
  • Sometimes good things really do take time
  • Nonprofit programs that charge participants a fee must also provide a means for overcoming any financial barriers those fees may place on otherwise eligible participants
  • Corporations have a social responsibility to their community
  • Recognition of fundamental human rights including, but certainly not limited to:
    • Equal access to government for all residents
    • Queer equality
    • Sexual freedom
    • Equal access to life sustaining healthcare and education